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commi3 mark

- The Keyboard is mightier than the Kalashnikov -

Commi3 mark liberates Berlin 1945

Nobody on Earth can do what Commi3 Mark can do. What comes out of this guys F'ing mind... so unbelievably meta. He could do the biggest book in ComicsGate one day.

- Adam Post -


I always go this way when I see something I don't quite get. I'm like 'its either genius or pure stupidity.' I started watching his stuff and was like Holy shit this is genius! Commi3 Mark is the Andy Kaufman of ComicsGate.

- Art Thibert -

Commi3 Mark, let me say again, He's got a lot of potential. You're gonna see his channel blow up and he's gonna become a big culture commentator. I subscribe to him I always watch what he puts up.

- Ethan Van Sciver -

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